Staying in title fight is not normal, says Alonso

Fernando Alonso says that reaching the final race in Brazil still in contention for the World Championship will be what he remembers from 2012, win or lose on Sunday.

Alonso qualified eighth in Interlagos, although he has gained a grid spot from Pastor Maldonado’s penalty.

When asked by this blog to describe the highlights of the season Alonso said: “I think the highest point was to be here, sitting here with a car that we were constantly eighth in the last races, and we’re still talking about the World Championship fight.

“This is something not normal, so I’m very proud of this, and about the achievements we had this year. If we had the normal position maybe we’d have the points of someone similar to our cars and you’d say bye-bye to the championship in Monza or in Singapore, and you’d have very relaxed races in the last part of the championship, as we had last year.

“But it’s something not normal. We found ourselves eighth on the grid and a lot of people think that tomorrow we have a chance to win the World Championship, because they trust so much in ourselves and our jobs on Sundays. So this is the thing that feels me more proud and I will remember this season like this, whatever happens tomorrow.”

Regarding the disappointments of the season, he added: “The low moments of the championship for sure are Spa and Suzuka, because without our fault we lost points… And maybe mathematically we were champion in Austin without the two Lotus [collisions], with 36 points more or something than we had. So that will be also remembered.”


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3 responses to “Staying in title fight is not normal, says Alonso

  1. Steve W

    Hey, it’s not too late is it? I mean, Massa could have yet another “gearbox change” which would move Alonso up another grid position…

    Anyway, whatever the outcome, I’d say that Alonso has already earned the number 1 slot in the Autocourse top ten driver’s list.

  2. pollerunner

    How can Alonso say If this and if that. If schumi did not have an engine faliure in japan 2006 he would have been wc. If Raikonnen did not retire so many times in 2005 he woild have been wc. Så Alonso would only be wc this year. What a joke

  3. Heiko

    This man has no self-reflection, seriously.
    The collision with Raikkonen was HIS fault! … and he gets outperformed by a rather mediocre Massa now 2 races in a row.
    Ferrari only good for 8th – this is a bad joke or? The car is far better than (Massa is proving that) that, especially in the race.

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