Ste Devote crash not Massa’s fault this time, says Ferrari

Ferrari says that a mechanical problem was the cause of Felipe Massa’s huge accident in the Monaco GP – despite the driver accepting blame for a near identical crash in FP3 yesterday.

In both cases Massa hit the barrier on the left approaching Ste Devote before continuing into the barrier on the exit of the corner.

The first accident happened after Massa locked his front wheels while braking a little too late on a bump, but this time there was a problem with the car.

“First and foremost, I’m pleased that Felipe is okay,” said technical director Pat Fry. “Today’s accident looked very similar to what happened in the third free practice session, but in fact the two incidents are very different. Unlike yesterday, it seems that today’s incident can be attributed to a problem on the left front corner of the car. It’s too early to say precisely what happened and in the next few days, we will try and ascertain the exact cause back in Maranello.

Meanwhile Massa said: “I’m alright, I’ve just got a slight pain in my neck, but nothing serious. Now I will look to get in shape and be back 100% for the Montreal race. All I want to do is put this bad weekend behind me and think about doing well in the rest of the season.”

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One response to “Ste Devote crash not Massa’s fault this time, says Ferrari

  1. Racehound

    What utter garbage!!! We all know Ferrari are playing down his race crash, but in reality there is no doubt it was driver error!! The reason Ferrari are saying it was a car fault is because Massas career at Ferrari ended with the “driver error” crash in FP3. To make almost exactly the same mistake during the race must have had Luca destroying another flatscreen TV in a fit of Red Rage!!!

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