Alonso and Massa against 2014 car weight limit change

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were the two most vocal opponents when the GPDA discussed the matter of raising the 2014 car weight limit today.

The subject of driver weight has been a topic of major debate recently, with taller drivers worried that they will be at even more of a disadvantage than in the past.

Intriguingly one of those keen for the change to go through was Sebastian Vettel, who freely admitted that he has had an advantage over Mark Webber for the past few seasons.

In the end the drivers don’t have any formal say in any attempt to change the rules as they are not part of any process.

The FIA has been looking into a 10kgs change, but one senior team boss told this blog that Mercedes has blocked the plan.


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9 responses to “Alonso and Massa against 2014 car weight limit change

  1. Mick

    If the drivers can’t agree something in the interests of ‘fairness’ then what hope is there of the teams ever making non selfish decisions?

  2. Jim Bob

    Of course the slim midgets object to a weight increase

  3. Darran

    How the hell can a team block a rule change? Any other sport and that would be farcical. The FIA should make the rules and the teams just deal with it!

  4. Poureo

    Have a weight limit for the car without the driver.

  5. Iestyn Davies

    How can Mercedes block the rule change? I thought only 10 of the 11 teams had to agree (unless it is all, like for the tyre change last year). I guess the question should be, why would they block the rule change…

    • Iestyn Davies

      I thought a 10kg increase to 700kgs would be a good compromise for 2014. Then, for 2015 and 2016, they could bring it back down to 695kg and 690kg, as improvements are found and the cars naturally decrease in weight.

  6. One

    Obviouslyif you ask a competitor he/she will say no. This is part of the game. This objection to giving up his/her advantage to others is inherent to the sport at this level. Therefore, obviouly to me personaly, that FIA should have taken own decision and just have done it, if this will improve the fairness of racing.

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