Jenson Button: “I think we can still have a great race…”

McLaren had hoped that rain in Brazil would create an opportunity, but in fact Q2 proved to be disastrous for the team as Sergio Perez and Jenson Button took 14th and 15th, and the Mexican had a heavy crash.

Button said that both drivers had simply struggled to get the car to work in the conditions.

“It was a tough Q2,” he said. “In Q1 the car was working well. In P1 we were fourth quickest with the car, and we made a few changes for the better, and in Q1 we were again quick, when I set my lap I think I was fifth or sixth quickest. So it was working well in those driest conditions, the drier side of the intermediate tyre.

“But in Q2 when there was more water on the circuit we just couldn’t find our feet really, just sliding all over the place, and I think that was the case for both of us. If you look at the traces we’re driving the car very differently, but it comes out with the same lap time. We’re trying everything we can out there, but we’re not able to get something to work in those conditions. Whether it would have worked if it was wetter, and we were running the wet tyre, I don’t know. A tough qualy session.”

Button insists that McLaren could still enjoy a good Sunday.

“Tomorrow the race will be a little bit drier, or not as wet, so I think we have a good opportunity tomorrow. A tough day and not a great way to end our qualifying season, but there is still tomorrow, and I think we can still have a great race.”

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    Checo 10 Button 9

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